Connected in Dreams

Dreams are the next frontier. They have vastly and unknown possibilities. Let's map the dream sphere! First step: how we dream together.

Side effects of dreaming together - or group dreaming - include lucid dreaming, increased feelings of interconnectedness and a general sense of the forgotten magic of life.

The mapping project runs on Dreamers United.

Dream Calendar


Dreamers United: The online dream sharing platform, open night and day. Join us in the Dream!

Lucid Dreaming

You may have heard about lucid dreaming. This refers to being aware that you're dreaming while in the dream. This adds an extra and exciting dimension to dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming training is usually offered in combination with Dreaming Together groups.

Remembering is easy

Perhaps you rarely remember dreams. However, remember, the dreams are always there. All you need to do is jot down a few keywords immediately when waking up.

When in doubt, ask for recommendations.

Any dream is valuable

The value of dreams can be easily overlooked. Especially when you're part of a dream group, you're advised to log dreams, even if they seem trivial to you.

Harry Quinto

Who I am

My name is Harry Bosma, and I live just outside Groningen, 2 hours north of Amsterdam. Sometimes I use my dream name Harry Quinto.

Professionally my background is in public administration and information technology. More personally I've always had a strong interest in the mysterious world of dreams. I can talk about it forever, although I normally tend to be a rather hands-on guy.

If I could already share one thing about dreams, I'd say that dreams contain possibilities far beyond processing of daytime events or symbolic meaning. Which possibilities those are, I would love to let you experience.